Monday, April 27, 2009

that wet pussy

I want to come inside for a deep love ride
want to put every inch in that pussy pinch ever since we first met
wanted to make you wet
see how wet you can get
make that smooth pussy honey trickle and pour down all around
want you to want me to hunt me
wanna catch you in my clutches feel the rushes when fingers and lips touches ignite the flame torch of desire that flickering fire
as you burn and drip in between your hips
wet pussy sips as the dick gets slipped
you want me to go down on you like an avenue
get that close up view of those lower lips to French kiss - you insist
My hands run across your flesh and feel the edges of your skin
I want to penetrate
let me in let's begin and do it again and again
That wet pussy calls me screams at me wails like a siren
I want to screw you - do you - come through you
it's a calling your gap cunt bush slit is what I want to hit
to pipe let's do it right I want you to be my personal slut,
bust my nut
I want to advance on you like an army invading the enemy
enter your dark juicy warm hole with my cock pole
sometimes I don't know how to start how to embark
you say you want more foreplay I hate the delay
you say I am boring want more excitement is your indictment
but I want to get to your sweet honey pot with my black cock now a rock I can't stop
That wet pussy saturated wanting to get penetrated previously stated ejaculated
It's a battle of wills before my love spills
Who will come first I try to hold back and relax
all the thrusting makes me want to come fast
you want me to make it last
You want me to be more passionate but I am to lethargic
but once that pussy gets wet I am set
Wanna stick it dick it come thick with it can't hold back on a love attack

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fresh Punishment

I got a record
not the one they play on radio stations
the one that plays in the police station
that gets you moved to a state facility
secure destination
a locked up location
correctional institution
they think jail is a solution
life never came at me correct
from birth, life’s treatment of me was suspect
filled with pain and neglect
mom’s stretching out the welfare check
living in a rat hole in a project
so now I got a record
from breaking and entering assault and armed robbery
they stick me in the penitentiary for half a century
my only education was the street
school didn’t reach me, didn’t teach me
labeled me Special Ed
never had a chance to get ahead
too many friends at a young age ending up dead
all I ever wanted was money
with a record like mine
after I’ve done my time
I have no choice but to commit more crime
who will hire me when they hear my record play,
I’ve sliced and diced mother fuckers like a DJ
no cats can survive on minimum wage
as I sit for my half a century- half my life
thinking how I can be better criminally
life gets worse I thirst for freedom
wish I could break my record and be done
as soon as I get out I know I’ll pick up my gun
not sure how not to live my life on the run

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rhyme Rotations

when I touch a mic it turns to smoke
my rhymes burn like fire to make you choke
don't get too close cause you'll soon discover
you won't recover
rhymes so fresh you flat line to cardiac arrest
my words drippen wet with mad success
am smooth like a diamond
loud like a siren
still be spitten in my 60's
there's no retiren
am like quicksilver
got a sheen like silk
so fucken bad I can't help myself
striken like an assassin without you asken
I rotate like a revolution
burn out mics and leave exhaust pollution
am MC2 the only solution
my words work hard like prostitution
I'm dubblex
doing my microphone flex
with rhythmical reps
don't step to me cause I get vexed when I get upset

Monday, April 13, 2009

Life Is Do Or Die

I am a mother fucking volcano
about to erupt
I spew word lava so get 3rd degree burns as I conduct this poem
mother fucken doctors should lock my ass up
I'm heating up
bubbling up
can't stay shut
words dance in my mind like a plie'
dancing a poetical ballet
As I relay the words I say
if my mouth was an automatic you'd get caught in my magazine gun spray
standing on the mountain top feeling the after shock
doing NYC with rhyme lava just like Pome Pei
A crazy ass nigga who rhymes to himself
is I and I, my friend myself
volcano lava is flowing from 0 to 60
red hot burning roots to trees
feel the hot breeze as I spit like a cobra
drunk or sober
even the skunks run from the smell of the word order
I try to hold it in
but there it goes again
your ears are always open so my words are coming in
listen closely then listen again
ash covers the sky a mile high
I told you from the start life is do or die
ain't no rain or water that will restore order
lava going catch you like an alien at the border
so here comes the slaughter
as body counts mount
the lava traps you - cuts off escape routes
volcanic word mechanic
I and I and out

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

trapped in a travesty

And she's sniffing that whiffing that sniffing that whiffing that sniffing that

that, that, that, white shit, that good shit, that shit that makes you want to do back flips

its all in her nose like a fucking garden hose like a white powdered rose

that good shit, that snow, that china white, that blow, that nose candy, that boga sugar that coca cola

she’s fighting against herself against herself against her wealth against her health.

She's losing her mind this time, losing her mind this time, I think I am losing my mind this time, losing my mind

Its a back and forth to and fro blow for blow, its too much blow too much dough don't wanna be a mother fucking hoe sometimes that's how it goes when you got’s to get your blow

do you know how it feels to lose control of your soul, control of your soul something inside you folds not because its old filled with mold and negative holes something folds and crack like a black hole and you try and try can't bring it back

I wake up, I wake up and scream where the fuck am I at, I can't look forward and I can't get back, can't get back, get back, my get back has faded to black someone dropped ink on my map can't counter act am trapped i get bitch slapped by the facts

I am going to die no matter how hard I fucking try I am going to die, die, die

I take my vitamins, go to the local gym, check in with my doctor, but something inside of me keeps ticking and tell me it’s gonna end.

I wake up and sleep, eat, wash and rinse, repeat and put my big-ass feet on the filthy concrete

walk these streets, these streets and something inside of me bleeds I stare up at a sky I can barely see.

I want to remember everything about this place about your face about my life chase I grab every moment of my life and place it in a travel bag to take it with me, take it with me, I want to make, take these memories, these dreadlocks and smiles from strangers and the separation I feel that's real, take it with me, but take it where, take it where, where?

sometimes the space between me and you and you and i and me and you is so great so wide so deep so deafening that nothing can bridge it. I open my eyes to recall I am trapped inside myself unable to reach you unable to touch unable to grab you unable to really see you

I long for a day that this loneliness and isolation won't plague me like a virus

appear to live in my own world, exist in my own head until I am dead

Death is coming like a speeding comet like that stray bullet like that line drive that smashes your skull like that murder it’s coming - like the lotto numbers each day I wonder is today my lucky number hey you never know

never know when its your time to go, time to go, that last curtain call, that last trip to the mall, that last toke of weed, that last line of blow

time to go

Saturday, April 4, 2009


When your money is short a train ride is expensive
A pack of gum out of question
You don’t even think about going to a movie
When your money is short
You work your hunches and fill up empty water bottles with pure faucet water
When your money is short
You look for sales on everything and can’t buy frivolous things
When a million commercials continuously inspire you not to purchase
When your money is short
You begin to steal for small items and meals you want but can’t pay for
You don’t even feel bad about it all anymore either
When your money is short
Your kids go without the right size shoes and clothes to small
When your money is short
Collection agency bills fill your mailbox plus a myriad of bills wanting to be paid
But you can’t pay them right now because your money is short
You wonder how long before eviction papers are served
How many more months can you hold on for when your money is short
You wish you could dip money in steroid cream and make it grow
You begin to play lotto and worst yet you think you might win
Your paycheck is always spent before you even get it
When your money is short
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