Thursday, October 9, 2008

Can you see me...

i turn around and show you my back
so that
you can not see
can not really see me
and can maybe see me
what you see before you is easy
a man
a human being
a person
this is what you see
and you see it more when you see my face and my eyes
you see what is before you
but you forgot
as long as i see you
i can not see myself
see what you see
cause to me
i am a soul
a vision of light and energy
that is connected to everything i see and don't see
when you see me
you cannot see
the tornadoes of words that twirl in my mind endlessly
the thoughts that would sit me in the company of Plato and Nizche
when you see me
you can not tell that i can see the future and know what lies beyond the stars
when you see my face you see me a man
but truly what you cant c is that i am a soul strolling through eternity

1 comment:

  1. Great! If only we could hold onto that moment between seeing and judging, for good or ill, we might stand a chance of observing what's really there. It's hard enough to see truth in a mirror, without applying our faulty perceptions to other people and trying to read their minds. But we can't help ourselves, can we?


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