Thursday, October 23, 2008


Everybody wants to part of the slam
As for me I don’t give a damn
I am who I am
Fuck the slam
And political poetry cronies
And the fake ass phonies
People packed in to stand on the stage
and spit their memorized page
To votes and number gage
It’s all just a fashion craze
The art of poetry is not a sport
That’s what I was taught
If I wanted to perform for points
I would have been a gymnast and studied acrobatics
My pros and rhymes are I, not to be judged politically
How can one poem be better than another it all depends on what you feel?
What gets touched and uncovered and revealed
Numbers serve to disrespect each other and to be called a champion because you win
Slammers stand and clamor for the glamour
Thinking they are champions and me an amateur
How do you get those high votes as you speed through poems?
So fast your words get choked?
Lost in the hoopla the words are no longer the star
It’s a sideshow poetic rodeo that’s why people go
Gasping for air battling toe to toe
Just give me zeros cause for me
Votes are not needed to boost my ego
As scores range from high to low me winning a show
would be a miracle cause I yell and go slow
I got my own flow


  1. Dig that. I believe it was Pablo Picasso who said "Competitions are for horses, not artists."

  2. i've participated in only 2 slams over the yrs. and both were miserable experiences. i think the format is great for some poets though - just not me -or you :-)

  3. Very nice! I love to write but always talked myself out of it feeling like people would judge me and knowing there were others that would laugh at my stuff because I am not a writer. Now in later years I realize that it is a part of me and my self expression and while I would not enter my stuff in any magazine or anything, I do like to share with family and friends. If others do not like my self expression, they can fuck off ;)


  4. I am pretty new to slams but this post and this site seems awesome, the right way to get into the world of slammin'. Dx's voice is strong and compelling... thanks for posting this on FB too.

  5. A very intense slam of the slam. Love the intensity Dubblex.

  6. very cool poem dubblex, diggin' the message as well

  7. omigod ~ you didn't? you did ~ did you ~ bespake the forbidden ~ I guess know it's unforbidden. Hey did I never tell you about the time I participated in a slam out on the Island...
    Great poem & great read!


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