Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In the city millions of people are
hidden by the tallness of buildings
Covered and buried alive beneath the ground
Millions of people unseen behind walls
Sealed in apartment windows are covered
And stares and look glances at shades blinds and curtains
reveal no form no sign of life
All except the window light unseen in the daytime city
Dwellers assume no one is home
Elevated trains pour past my window
The thousands of people insides seem invisible
In the distance cars and trucks shoot past
From zero to sixty
Their drivers not seen appear ghostly
Millions of people invisible set high in the skyline
Dark windows render me blind
I hate this city because of the lie
Told me there are 8 million people
Everywhere I go I never see more than 25


  1. wow, what a strong voice! Love it. My husband and I read this and enjoyed a lot the eautiful imageries... and I agree how true it is for these millions of animated limbs totally shut out from our eyes...

    btw, NYC probably still has enough people moving about to remind us that people inhabit cities. In the little college town i live, there's only falling leaves, lonely high wind and occasional showers!


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