Friday, January 23, 2009


I’m tired of all the shit I holler
Clocking in and clocking out
everybody checking to see what I'm about
I can't afford a money drought – my apartment - I’d be kicked out
these kids so out of control ~ I got to find a way to stay on the payroll
Gotta grab hold or I’ll land in the poverty hole
So it's another day another dollar another bus ride another crowded train ride another day I wish to die a painless suicide
we got these 9 to 5's to survive but they deprive and kill the creative forces inside
paying me to work for my time which is running low don't know the final total when it's my time to go- the work day goes slow - feel like I want to explode -
I don't fit the mold
got to work till I'm old they crush my soul with their control daily
I try not to fold
try to keep hold
Kids talk back I stand in the room and stare till the room turns black so slow to react students act up they won't stay shut in my mind
I wish to brandish a gun at these young kin. They get under my skin, begin talking with wide grins, they don’t want this education
Forced into the classroom unable to absorb this situation
I wish to work for another company or organization but a desk job is just as hard
With no real vacations forced to do till the day is through
Another day another dollar my pay check is not enough to cover my debts and bills financially climbing hills con-ed sprint rent child support still in court with my ex about money flow, she wants alimony not just child support, no way to abort, my money comes up short
Money comes and goes like the wind blows runs through my hands like fine sand Everyday I try not to get canned but I would not mind getting fired or early retired Everyday I’m so tired drinking two cups of coffee one Starbucks they both suck
Can hardly stay awake
Napping on my break not more of this I can take
See I got a disability so it makes shit harder for me
Some doctors want to give me lithium or lock me in an insane asylum, not sure about outcome, trying to control my dis-ease
I just continue to do what I can do daily my heart skips a work beat

1 comment:

  1. Another beautiful crazy poet, brother man. "Do not go gentle into that good night"...


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