Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Day Another Dollar

I can’t take this shit
I holler feel like I got a fucking noose around my neck
working for this pay check the whole place I’d like to wreck
they treat me with mad disrespect
my lawyer tells me I can’t quit but I say it again
so tired of this shit the wake up at 5:30 AM
every day I do it again
more things to do then I can keep up with
gotta pay child support in a never ending divorce
going on 3 years now when will it end
working to get that money that moolah
that paper that cheddar whatever it takes
I work until my mind breaks till my feet ache
Everybody waiting for me to make a big mistake
I need a break for heaven sake
I need a break not much more of this shit can I take


  1. My God, I know that feeling so well, and yet right now I'd happily shovel manure if it brought in some of that paper stuff. But it's good to have this reminder of the way things used to be... stops me getting nostalgic.


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