Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Weed Man’s Common Street Scam

I bring my scale to the street
So I don’t get beat
By gram scam cheats
Give me my OZ weight
I know how to count to 28
Don’t double zip lock my bud
Because I don’t get a buzz off plastic
I bring my scale right out on Dyckman Street
And watch it balance its self like slowly shuffling meringue feet
I don’t play that unwrap that weed and lay it flat
I don’t want no 26 or 25!
If I am spending 400 I am paying for every gram to get high
Now look me in the eye
The scale don’t lie
I see what you’re trying to try
With other cats you may get by
But I am Chill Will and with me that shit don’t fly!

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