Sunday, January 18, 2009

Free Style Spitting Rant

Addicted to rap like a stockbroker making bank
On the NASDAQ when I hear a fat track it’s like heroin
To a junky getting finished on smack shine
The spot light on the stuff I write
It’s as hot as a laser shocks like a taser rips
like a razor sees the flames rise cause this ones a blazer
hot like a microwave examined with x-rays
sit back and wonder while I amaze my tail
still unravels like rims over gravel
this case is not closed till the bank of the gravel
I blast off my rhymes from Cape Canaveral in the Space Shuttle
me and the microphone huddle
the other mics left without rebuttal
go home with their girls and just cuddle
because when I be kicking verses nothing is subtle
My ammunition is my vocabulary
By all means necessary
It’s a metaphoric snow flurry
If music were food this would be Nutriment
Even anorexics don’t regurgitate what I create
bulimic beats give rail girls weight
Too many kids on Ritalin
It’s belittling - turning pre-teens into pharmaceutical drug fiends
you got a hammer
I got a nuclear warhead
set that sucker off and we’ll all be dead
so go ahead and shoot
It’s self-destruction
black on black crime
a government production penitentiary and cemeteries
too many young brothers names filling up obituaries
you can hear me but you don’t understand me
It’s genocide a slow homicide this epidemic is systemic
While government controls our consciousness
Let’s condemn government
all our forefathers were killers and robbers
too bad the Indians couldn’t finish off the pilgrims
it’s our chagrin
I am not commercial I’m controversial

1 comment:

  1. Terrific! It sings right off the page, and I particularly liked your rhyming "Ritalin" with "belittling". Sorely tempted to steal that!


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