Friday, January 16, 2009


He beats his wife thinks he owns her life
She is bruised and battered like it does not matter
their marriage nearly shattered
her skin turns colors and shades of purple and blueish
her wish that he would not be so pissed she feels dissed
he spends his time chatting on facebook meeting women
taking a long look he goes on dates takes the bait
this she hates he wants to be a player playing the field
his mother tells him be for be for real
you should yield your wife can't deal
She clutches the baby and hopes maybe he won't go astray
she wants him to leave and at the same time stay
He kicks her out half dressed she can't take the stress
folks wonder why she settles for less
he is the first and only man to press her flesh
she knows no other
some think she should return to her mother
or find another lover as on her body bruises are discovered will she recover
They argue and fight deep into the night
Some wonder how long they will last
the question has to be asked because of their rocky past
She screams and cries and wonders why her guy has a wandering eye
there is no reply so she sighs and says she loves him and will stay with him until she dies
No baby should see his mama get beaten and mistreated and many times repeated
pretty soon the cops get called as she is once again slammed into the wall
locked out in the hall she cries and bawls can't take it all
But she tells everyone that she loves him
can love grow dim or thin with too many blows to the chin
only time will tell if it breaks the love spell

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