Wednesday, November 25, 2009


You got minutes left
roll over minutes
prepaid minutes
month to month
minute reminder
the machine tells me how many minutes I have left
60 seconds
60 tics of the clock
how many minutes do I have left in my life
60 minutes in an hour
24 hours in a day
1440 minutes in a day
525600 minutes in a year
In my life time I have lived 18921600 minutes
give or take a minute or two
19 million minutes have passed by
do I have 19 million more
or will my prepaid life plan expire
before I am finished talking walking living
life goes by, one minute two minutes
2 -30 second spots
every minute of life has value and worth
before my cell phone plan made me understand
each minute is priceless
I use to look at time in years
each moment is unique and original
how can I take time to enjoy the minutes left?
sometime soon my life will be a dropped call
0 nation wide minutes remaining
before I reach 0 minutes time
I want to do something great
something phenomenal
something that will be remembered for millions of minutes to come
because 0 minutes is coming
coming for sure I want 21 million more
matters how you use them wisely before things. . .

1 comment:

  1. of course, beyond being an oxymoron. Every minute spent is a a minute spent in pursuit of spending minutes wisely like pennies saved become pennies earned, wisely or not, and really, what does wisdom have to do with saving anything? what if you saved textbooks? textbooks on the collective wisdom of knowledge? what would the end result end up being?collectively collected scraps of cauliflower because it's mostl edible when it's white.


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