Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can it get any worse?

When the shit hits the fan it makes your whole life stink
My landlord wants to evict me because I have a mental illness and write wall poetry
My job is trying to fire me while I am on sick leave
My X wife constantly calls to harass me and leaves 21 messages all of them equally nasty
My X girl friend who is my coworker made up a story that I verbally attacked her and blocked the door so she could not leave
She texted and called me endlessly
I told her quietly politely please I am sick don’t bother me
She told me she was going to throw out all my shit and promptly
I am under investigation for saying fuck while teaching for the department of education
I am $30,000 dollars in debt
I owe Steel Gym, Chase credit card, HSBC, Time Warner Cable, my divorce lawyer and Con Edison
Dr Jane Saltzman my general practitioner who should not be practicing medicine
Refused to listen to me told me to go to emergency immediately when I called her to discuss my condition she hung up on me refused me the medication that I need to function normally her Hippocratic oath is hypocrisy
My x psychiatrist refused to give me the medical papers for my job and every time I went to see her she brought out papers for me to sign myself into the local psychiatric facility
I have heavy withdrawal from Lexipro itching, scratching, chills and cold the prototypical results of a junkie going cold
My new Psychiatrist switches my medicine to Geodon at first it feels like a godsend
But then its many side effects kicked in
Vomiting diarrhea and deep colon shit that seem like there was no end to its excretions
After that night of shitting I lost around 10 pounds
Pacing the house with sudden energy I did not know who I was momentarily
I have a mental illness so it’s harder for me to exist that’s why I scream stop this society

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  1. Hey,
    some great lyrics you got here!

    Greets from this side of this crazy planet!



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