Sunday, November 22, 2009


I head down to Social Security to get disability
they give me number 354B
there are a million people before me
they stumble around with canes
Joy says they’re not in pain
just playing games
I sit and wait
they call 664
he or she has disappeared from the floor
guess they got bored
calling 664
calling 664
last call for C664
everybody else ignores her call
the woman at the window shouts out through bullet proof glass
I overhear a conversation about a football game
I sit and wonder when they will call my number
will I get SSD for being insane and crazy?
because I don't have a cane just pain in my brain
I sit and space out and barely notice my number is flashed on the electronic
I dash from my chair the woman at the window wonders why the delay
she wants my Social Security number
she hits the computer keyboard with a few mouse clicks
132 68 6906
You applied before but you must do it once more
She gives me an interview date says don't be late
I Buy a banana cake
By mistake I get food stains on one of the papers
I question now that this process has begun
When will it be done?
As I leave the papers get blown down the street with a sudden breeze
I run around trying to retrieve

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