Friday, November 6, 2009


I wonder when I’ll be 6 feet under
we are all running out of time
running short on days minutes and seconds
inside most of us feel like we will never die
that’s the biggest lie
we hide in our days and bask in the moments of life
life envelops our five senses
another juncture commences
time does not last on a clock
as we cling to this earth rock
the world spins
that we live in
are you grounded in reality?
or lost in a fantasy
the presence of life is too much
I want to escape adopt a different consciousness that makes more sense
I get drowned in the routine of the daily diurnal mundane ho hum of the days outcome
I succumb to repetitiveness the dawn has spun
brushing my teeth going to the bathroom to seek bladder relief
on a common search for more peace
maybe it’s blowing in the southeasterly wind
existence overwhelms my senses from my dome piece
so much to see
so much to feel
so much to experience
running through my hands like water
I try to catch every raindrop
I smell the sweet scent of hyacinth blowing in a Washington Heights breeze
the rubber of my shoes feel the contact of the street
as I walk sweat starts to run slowly
gravity causes it to run down my rib cage
fully engaged in this surreal instant
I try to stay brave and ride the essence of this time wave
I see a new morning in the distance as I breathe in this illusion
this virtual reality smacks me like a hit from a crack pipe
like a line of potent coke
similar to sticky buds that make my lungs choke
here comes the 24/7 ready or not
what’s the nightly plot
I try to see the future and all I see is black licorice
the drapes are drawn on my tomorrows
I rack my brain to find out what follows
I get tracked by shadows and sorrows
sitting slumped on a concrete tree stump
on top of a garbage dump
gazing out at a foggy mist
hiding the sky from my eyes that evoke personal disasters
wondering what comes after
in the wake of a mental break I seek tranquility in a whirlwind of trouble
seeking something normal
in the midst of a cataclysmal event
seeking an early dismissal
will more calendars be thrown my way?
while I slowly decay akin to all the other animals humans that came before me
the end of me will end my humanity
I get filled with anxiety at the actuality that one day I will no longer be
my birth date was when I jumped out the womb gate into this matrix
I was an accident
parents had no intent to birth another child
I sit and stare at the clock
I watch my side burns and chin hairs turn gray
death is coming my way
I can't get around the fact that I will no longer hear sounds words that rush from my skull will be hushed for all eternity
a brief period to lament to resent then I drink it in and become sunset
my ears hear train sounds
death is not fair but it makes me more aware


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    Thank you.

    Paul A. Toth

  2. Man the decadent lifestyle of the west puts us six feet under too soon. while I'm eating porkrindes and chicken skins the world is tough. crack is a crack in the skull and we don't hardly stand a chance. run up a freak flag and blow that song into the reap of night till we blend into one face,
    one voice, one mind and blow this status quo forever.

  3. we never knew "future" till we forgot the past and there in our palm of hands the ghost of ecstacy crawled into our heads and blissed friend, foe, and the divine light hermitage of
    spirit and came round and slayed negativity forever. love to you both from Donnie.


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