Monday, November 2, 2009


The daily stress gets on my chest
I’m constantly put to the test little time to rest
Another conquest as I invest in the mess
All this stress makes me scream to the extreme - let off some steam
too many battles and fisticuffs things get rough
Trying to break from the past wish it was faster but it’s an on going disaster
Need to get a break from all the mistakes that lie in my wake
Want to punch a hole in the world - rage catches me in a catastrophe
I try to break free with a help me plea
Problems swirl and bubble like a cooking stew never seem through
Solutions over do what can I do
Phone calls shrill in the middle of the night a psychopath haunts me - prods me for a fight
I shut off my cell and try to escape this mental rape
Patch me through to my descendant I resent your belligerent constant arguments
it makes no sense you dumb bitch follow the judges judgment
In court back and forth I seek an order of protection but receive a rejection
I get the word they refuse to serve but I am undeterred
March back to the injustice system with a lawyer in tow and a girlfriend to show
maybe this time they’ll listen
This time will be different
I need a significant change a break from the mentally deranged thinks I am insane
But she’s the one playing the games
Writing me letters - you know what it’s better we’re not together
Don’t pick up the phone if my son is not home all I want from you is to be left the hell alone
They all shall see you’re constantly calling me we have a stipulation to deal with this situation
I worry about my child with your rage your style so hostile you act like a spoiled child
The court will not condone your cover is blown
it shall be known you’re the one who’s crazy

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